FAQ- Frequently asked questions

1. Co-financing for Health Insurance  “Zorgtoeslag”

2. Incorrect working hours in the P4F application

3. Extraterritorial allowance

4. Tax on remuneration

5. Holidays allowance “Vakantiegeld” and “Vakantiedagen”

6. Deposits

7. Additional work on weekends

8. Health insurance card

9. Speed tickets

10. How do I have to report myself sick?

1. Co-financing for Health Insurance  “Zorgtoeslag”:

What is this?
This is a refund of part of the cost of compulsory health insurance (zorgverzekering) for people on low incomes. If the insured person has a low income and meets other conditions (read below), he may be entitled to the zorgtoeslag supplement. Because of this, the expenditure on health insurance will not be such a heavy burden for him.

Who is entitled to?

The Tax Administration designates the conditions that must be in order to receive a health insurance supplement:

- You must be at least 18 years of age (minors do not have to pay zorgverzekering health insurance, so they cannot apply for reimbursement of part of the insurance costs)

- You must have Dutch health insurance 

- Your income (and possibly your partner's) cannot be too high.

For 2019, the maximum amount of supplement / subsidy for Healthcare allowance in the Netherlands is 99 EURO / month.

It can be obtained by those whose total gross income in the Netherlands and other countries in 2019 does not exceed EUR 21,000. If your gross income exceeds EUR 21,000 in 2019, your Healthcare allowance monthly supplement / grant amount will be reduced proportionally.

How to apply?

Flex specialists report each of the newly recruited employees to the Dutch Tax Office, ie Tax Authorities. The relevant department of this institution verifies the application submitted on behalf of the employee and makes decisions regarding him. The employee receives the decision by letter to the registered address within a few days to several weeks from the date or submitting the question. The decision includes, among others, information on the expected amount of funding for a given calendar year. Please note that this decision may change, which will result in the need to refund previously received funds. Information on the need to return funds is also provided to the employee by post.

What should you remember about?
Flexspecialisten is not responsible for tax authorities decisions. There is also no influence whatsoever on the change of decisions of the institution.

2. Incorrect working hours in the P4F application.

What is this?
Each employee should have the Plan 4 Flex application installed and activated on the mobile device and periodically check its content. On the application you can find all employee documentation, i.e. employment contracts, secondment agreements, payslips and more. The application is also the main communication tool between Flexspecialisten and the employee.

Hours report?
This is the report displayed by P4F regarding the number of hours worked in the previous week. Due to the complex process of accounting for working hours, there may be errors related to the number of hours displayed in the report - in other words: the report may contain errors. In these cases, you should suggest the number of hours shown on the payslip. In the event of a discrepancy, the time will be corrected.

What should you remember about?
Failure to use P4F does not release the employee from the need to read the documentation and take a response when the situation requires it, e.g. sign documents.

3. Extraterritorial allowance

Please use information from attahcment - ET Model Flexspecialisten PL.

Download PDF file>

4. Tax on remuneration

What is this?

In the Netherlands, the basis for calculating tax is gross annual income, which is why we definitely settle tax once a year. To avoid paying a high amount of tax once a year, we pay annual tax advances with each payment. Yhe contributions are calculates on the basis of the estimated income.

How much tax will I pay?



Taks rate


€0 – €20.142



€20.143 – €33.994



€33.995 – €68.507



€68.507 or more


Where can I find information how much tax place?

Information on the amount of tax deducted (in %) can be found at the top of the payslip.

What should you remember about?

The amount of payroll tax is set by the Dutch Tax Office, i.e. Belastingdienst. If the employee has reservations about the amount of tax paid, he or she may appeal to the above-mentioned Office. Flexspecialisten has no effect on the amount of tax employees are required to pay.

5. Holidays allowance “Vakantiegeld” and “Vakantiedagen”

What is this? “Vakantiegeld”

Holiday in the Netherlands is payable to every employee legally employed in the country and amounts to exactly 8% of annual gross earnings.

When is it paid out?

The holiday allowance can be paid by the employer in several ways. Flexspecialisten pays this supplement in addition to each weekly withdrawal.

Where can I find information on the payslip?

Information on the amount of tax deducted (in%) can be found at the top of the payslip.

What is this?“Vakantie dagen”:

It is a holiday allowance depending on how much time you have worked in a given company. This supplement is exactly 8.7% of gross weekly earnings expressed in hours.

When is it paid out?

A holiday allowance can be paid in the event of an employee's leave or as a supplement to the current week up to a maximum of 40 hours of work.

Where can I find information on the payslip?

Supplement calculated for the current working week.

Reserve the total sum of hours set aside.

6. Deposits:

 What is this?

 Refundable deposit against security of costs for:

Za co?


Kiedy zwrot?

Key/ Card to he room

25 euro

After leave a location

Key to shelf in work

od 5 do 15 euro (dependence of corporation )

After end of the cooperation

Badge/ Chip

od 5 do 25 euro (dependence of corporation ))

After end of the cooperation

Pack of T-shirts

25 euro

After 26 weeks

Transport from Poland

80 euro

After 8 weeks

VOG (certificate of no criminal record)

7,5 euro

After 16 weeks


In the event of loss or destruction of the abovementioned articles, the deposit will not be returned to the employee (except for the refund of the deposit for the period worked).

7. Additional work on weekends:

 If weekend work is possible, employees receive information via the P4F application. In order to "sign up" for work at the weekend, you can communicate via the P4F application.

8. Health insurance card:

 Everyone legally residing or working in the Netherlands must pay a  health insurance. Employees using our collective insurance may also expect an insurance card. Due to the number of insured, it may take longer to send the card by the Insurer. This does not change the fact that the employee is insured. If you need medical help, you can use a BSN number or obtain a copy of your insurance policy from Flexspecialisten. In case of long waiting times or destruction of the current card, you can send a request for another insurance card at the employee's request.


9. Speed tickets:


Each driver is required to restrict traffic rules.


It is possible that a fine for a fast ride will be sent within  several weeks of the offense. This does not change the fact that the driver who drove the vehicle at that time and committed an offense will receive a ticket.

What should you remember about?

To avoid confusion about the allocation of fines received, each driver is required to assign a vehicle use function. This can be done in two ways:

- In cars equipped with a chip reader, each time (before driving) put the chip in the right place to sign in in our data system.

- Registrate the driven kilometers at special forms.

10. How do I have to report myself sick?

You must report sickness 2 hours before you should start working. You do this by calling to our coordinator personally.

On the same day you call the coordinator before 16:00h to inform us if you will go back to work the next day. If you don’t inform us about this, you will have another waiting day.

If you have any questions, please contact with Coordinators  or  your Account Support


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